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I’m No Less a Tibetan….

Source: Echoes in Exile

I’M NO LESS a Tibetan
Because I can’t speak or comprehend
Highfaluting terms –
Of Spontaneous Natural Liberation,
Mantrayana, Mahayana
Or even the path of Renunciation.
But I’m content with just
An inkling of the essence.
To avoid deliberate harm,
To helps others, to respect all
And if possible to be
Aware of Interdependence,
Thus acting soundly in the present.

I’m no less a Tibetan
Because I rarely attend teachings,
Congregate in reciting mantras,
Prostrate in monasteries,
Circumambulate stupas,
Or even turn prayer wheels or beads.
But I’m content just to think
Spiritual life is based
On truth, honesty and integrity.
Realizing one’s faults
And remedying them – that’s practice.
Logic and reason supporting faith.
These are the basis of the Preliminaries.

I’m no less a Tibetan
Because I don’t sing Tibetan songs,
Burn communal incense
Or let fly Lungta’s on auspicious days.
I rarely even shout slogans
On dusty Indian streets.
But I’m content with my genes.
Feel Tibetan corpuscles
Streaming through my veins,
For my blood boils silently
Whenever a Tibetan is targeted
By the Chinese or anyone else.

I’m no less a Tibetan
Because I don’t speak my tongue.
Much less wear a Chupa
Or even a protective thread.
I rarely even recite the Mani.
Oh! How I’ve regressed.
But I just seem to be content
To know and feel
Somewhere in my heart
I’m a Tibetan, a being in exile
Without a land to call my home.
A race of people who don’t exist
In the minds or maps
Of the powers that be and oppress.

I’m no less a Tibetan
Because of thinking thus in gloom.
Hang on awhile, there’s more
To being a Tibetan – in exile or bonded.
We are what we have been.
We are what we are. Be content.
Our race can boast the brightest,
The purest, the noblest
And the most courageous minds
That ever roamed this planet.
Never fear, they’re still amongst us.
Even now, the future is truly open.
We’ll be free, if only we’d see
Our strengths. Unite and endeavour.
The Chinese will head towards their home.


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