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Bhuchung D. Sonam: Book Review of “A Home in Tibet” By Tsering Wangmo Dhompa

Source: High Peaks Pure Earth High Peaks Pure Earth presents a guest post by Bhuchung D. Sonam. The guest post is a book review of “A Home in Tibet”, the first-full length book from US based Tibetan female poet Tsering Wangmo Dhompa. “A Home in Tibet” has been published by Penguin Books India and will … Continue reading

My bark is worse than my bite!

Source: Chome Ringluk – Straight from the Apso’s Mouth I’m Lhasa Apso. With the Special General Meeting at the Tibetan Government in exile here in Dharamsala now underway I felt it was a most opportune time for my comeback. But first, I have to confess one thing. No offense intended but I hate yak. Not … Continue reading

Prayers Answered, From Baltistan to Ladakh

Source: Yuthok Lane Thoughts on Geleck Palsang’s Prayers Answered I have an offering: http://www.cultureunplugged.com/play/1591 A short 29 minute documentary about the journey of a group of small Balti children from Turtuk, the very border of India, Pakistan and Tibet, to a Tibetan school in Ladakh, Prayers Answered is a really charming small film with a … Continue reading

Inner peace

Source: Dola Never commit any evil deeds, accumulate wealth of merits, completely tame one’s own mind. This is my teaching. – Lord Buddha This evening at Tsuk Lag Khang, I was gazing in sheer admiration at Lord Buddha’s glittering statue. Sitting there in a lotus position, with a rosary in my hand, I tried to … Continue reading

Will Tibet See Suicide Bombers?

Source: Journey of a Tibetan On Feb 8, 2012, as appealed by the Kashag (Tibetan cabinet), Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), Dharamsala, Tibetans in San Francisco and Bay Area assembled at the Chinese Consulate, San Francisco for solidarity candle light vigil. With a candle, I prayed and walked several San Francisco streets along with hundreds of … Continue reading

“The Military Bunkers Across Lhasa in 1959″ By Woeser

Source: High Peaks Pure Earth A street scene in Lhasa during the Cultural Revolution, Red Guards and enthusiasts – “upper layer patriots” – are parading. In the upper right-hand corner of the image is a square-shaped house, one of the military bunkers built by the PLA. When the Cultural Revolution engulfed the city of Lhasa, … Continue reading

I’m No Less a Tibetan….

Source: Echoes in Exile I’M NO LESS a Tibetan Because I can’t speak or comprehend Highfaluting terms – Of Spontaneous Natural Liberation, Mantrayana, Mahayana Or even the path of Renunciation. But I’m content with just An inkling of the essence. To avoid deliberate harm, To helps others, to respect all And if possible to be … Continue reading

“Muchness” and a reading of Dhondup Gyal’s Waterfall of Youth

Source: DRUGMO Lives It has been several months since the onset of ‘acute career angst’; the roots of which I can trace back to decisions made years ago in a daze of moral righteousness and the appeal of job security. However in time my buried dreams gathered steam, percolated and gained its momentum to form … Continue reading

Chura from Tibet

Source: Lhakar Diaries Below is guest post from Sangmo, a 17-year-old high school student, who has recently become active in the Lhakar movement in New York City. Hello people of the world, or at least the Lhakar world. So just recently, I found out from my pala during one of our rare heart-to-heart talks that … Continue reading

Greetings From The Animal Realm

Source: Mountain Phoenix over Tibet Om Mani Padme Hum! My neighbour’s cat died yesterday. Mikey was shy, seemingly indifferent and like most indoor-only cats he was fat because all he did was eat,  sleep and hide under the sofa. I’m not too fond of cats but a few times when his owner was out of … Continue reading

The Birth Story (The Gesar of Ling Epic)

Source: Echoes in  The ruler, Senglon married Gyaza; The great hero Gyatsa Shelkar was born; The Ling people had a grand birth ceremony And the Chinese ruler offered three weapons. Here is the account of the birth of Sengchen Norbu Dradul – the ‘Great Lion Gem that Subdues enemies’. In the lineage of the Mukpo Dong … Continue reading

MWA Is The Worst Proposal

Source: The Tibetan Political Review By Chewang Ngokhang (Southern California). Yes, MWA or the Middle Way Approach is the worst form of proposal on the table except for the rest. Some of you will be able to know where I am coming from. Today, many youth in China are lamenting that Beijing is not doing enough … Continue reading

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