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Inner peace

Source: Dola Never commit any evil deeds, accumulate wealth of merits, completely tame one’s own mind. This is my teaching. – Lord Buddha This evening at Tsuk Lag Khang, I was gazing in sheer admiration at Lord Buddha’s glittering statue. Sitting there in a lotus position, with a rosary in my hand, I tried to … Continue reading

ON THE PANCHEN LAMA By (the late) W.G.Surkhang

Source: Case Western Reserve University [Editor’s Note: A series of draft essays (in English) were recently discovered in Seattle by Dr. Larry Epstein among the papers of the late Professor Turrell V. Wylie. Written by the late Surkhang Shape while he was a member of the Inner Asia Project of the University of Washington (in … Continue reading

I’m No Less a Tibetan….

Source: Echoes in Exile I’M NO LESS a Tibetan Because I can’t speak or comprehend Highfaluting terms – Of Spontaneous Natural Liberation, Mantrayana, Mahayana Or even the path of Renunciation. But I’m content with just An inkling of the essence. To avoid deliberate harm, To helps others, to respect all And if possible to be … Continue reading

Greetings From The Animal Realm

Source: Mountain Phoenix over Tibet Om Mani Padme Hum! My neighbour’s cat died yesterday. Mikey was shy, seemingly indifferent and like most indoor-only cats he was fat because all he did was eat,  sleep and hide under the sofa. I’m not too fond of cats but a few times when his owner was out of … Continue reading

Lord Guru’s Legacy: Our Fate

Source: A Rambling Refugee A seed of unshakeable faith and honed sense of gratitude sown in this strained heart after reading Guru’s Kadhu, the concise life-story related with his sublime past, present and future projected reincarnations for the wellbeing of Buddha Dharma and, here, as supplicated by Mutri Tsenpo, the son of Trisong Dhetsen, related … Continue reading

Taking The Essence

Source: Mountain Phoenix Over Tibet To a child it looked like the grownups were building sandcastles in the sandbox: Both my maternal and paternal grandfathers used to play this game every morning in their homes: “Om Vajra Bhumi Ah Hung…,” sprinkle rice grains here, “Om Vajra Rekhe Ah Hung…,” sprinkle rice grains there. Then rub … Continue reading

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