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“City Moats” and “Ethnic Segregation” By Woeser

Source: High Peaks Pure Earth   The above photos are all taken from Sina Weibo. Picture 1 shows the “urgent notice to once more emphasise the regulations directed at people from the ‘four main Tibetan regions’ who want to enter Lhasa” issued by the Lhasa Security Bureau. Picture 2 shows the security checks located in … Continue reading

Going Back–Back To ‘TIBET’

Source: Tibet Telegraph By Tenzin Kalsang When I saw pictures of my classmate’s home in Ngari I wondered if I would also have been living in a stacked-stone hut upon a barren, rocky field if I were in Tibet. When we did projects in school about Tibet and we came across ethereally beautiful pictures of … Continue reading

The New Face of Lhasa by Tsering Woeser

Source: Human Rights In China “Every day there’s something new in Lhasa,” many who have been to Lhasa will say. I would like to give two examples of the new face of Lhasa. Jiangsu Road If you are in Lhasa facing east, Jiangsu Road will be on your right, slicing at an angle through Lhasa’s … Continue reading

Interview with Novelist Takbum Gyal

Source: Tibet Web Digest There are only a few popular novelists in Tibet and Takbum Gyal is one of them. Many of his short stories and novellas have been published in Tibetan literary magazines. He also published a novel called “the Silent Grassland” a few years before. He is now writing a novel called “Decline” … Continue reading

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