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A Personal Dilemma

Source: A Rambling Refugee A blow, a contingency yet untoward, sometimes lands with such pressure as the-triple-punch that pummels the scraggy breath like at a point blank distance. The foray, the havoc ravages the pre-restive entity to such frayed pathetic—I have now lost my parent like distant paternal uncle—if to be named here for a … Continue reading

What China could learn from the Dalai Lama

Source: The Washington Post By Lobsang Sangay, Published: July 4, 2011 (Since the publication of this opinion piece, Dr. Sangay has become the Kalon Tripa of the Central Tibetan Administration) Wednesday, on his 76th birthday, His Holiness the Dalai Lama will be honored at Verizon Center by 11,000 people, including Arun Gandhi and Martin Luther King … Continue reading

Why Beijing has already lost.

Source: Yarlung Raging Every year, in the days leading up to June 4th, Chinese authorities have consistently banned the words ‘Tiananmen’ and ‘June 4′ – a place and a date. But this time around, the Chinese government has outdone itself. It went further, banning neutral words such as ‘square,’ and the numbers 6, 4, and … Continue reading

What Kalon Tripa Missed at The New York City Talk

Source: Journey of a Tibetan After the much-talked-about Solidarity Losar and Kalon Tripa’s visit to North America, two discussions that are still making rounds in most Tibetan gatherings in the New York City area are: indefinite hunger strike at the UN and Kalon Tripa’s talk at Armenian Church, New York City.  For discussion on the … Continue reading

Obama, Romney, and the Tibetan Americans

Source: Bhuchung Tsering on http://www.savetibet.org Now that the dust has somewhat settled on the Republican Party’s search for its presidential candidate, the time may be right to look at how the tiny Tibetan American community and Tibet supporters should be approaching the forthcoming American presidential elections. The trend among new immigrants to the United States … Continue reading

On “Petty Criticism”, “Trivial Matters” and “Establishing Authority” – by Tsering Woeser

Source: High Peaks, Pure Earth When I disagreed with the leaders of the Tibetan government in exile, it caused hitherto unknown hesitation and confusion, even though I only suggested that when counting the numbers of self-immolations in Tibet, one needs to go back and take into account the first case of Tapey in 2009. Some … Continue reading

Interview with Novelist Takbum Gyal

Source: Tibet Web Digest There are only a few popular novelists in Tibet and Takbum Gyal is one of them. Many of his short stories and novellas have been published in Tibetan literary magazines. He also published a novel called “the Silent Grassland” a few years before. He is now writing a novel called “Decline” … Continue reading

Remembering Adam Yauch, with Respect

Source: Tibetreport’s Blog In the post-1959 period a new expression took birth among Tibetans in exile reflecting the importance of nurturing the next generation. Young Tibetans were referred to as “seeds of future Tibet” and given lots of advices on the responsibility that the nomenclature came with. A generation has changed since then but the … Continue reading

The Gesar of Ling Epic

Source: Echoes in Exile The Birth Story -1 The ruler, Senglon married Gyaza; The great hero Gyatsa Shelkar was born; The Ling people had a grand birth ceremony And the Chinese ruler offered three weapons. Here is the account of the birth of Sengchen Norbu Dradul – the ‘Great Lion Gem that Subdues enemies’. In … Continue reading

Rising From The Ashes

Source: Mountain Phoenix Over Tibet As great the sacrifices and as well intended, no matter from what side I try to look at them, the Tibetan self-immolations don’t feel right. The sight of people burning alive, bystanders who sometimes offer a Khata to the person in flames, compatriots abroad telling me “Tibetans in Tibet are … Continue reading

Defeated, But Never Cried by XVII Karmapa

Friday 28 December 2007, by The XVII Karmapa Source: Tibetwrites    Moon-like flowers, in the majestic medicinal land of snow, bubbles of joy now mounting up. Amidst the melancholic flute of a drizzle, in the arched drum of the rainbow blow the winds of truth chasing the clouds to the far north Ah… Now then, Flowers of our … Continue reading

“Lhasa is Being Ruined By Various Gluttonous Ghosts” By Woeser

High Peaks Pure Earth has translated a blogpost by Woeser written on November 15, 2011 for the Tibetan service of Radio Free Asia and posted on her blog on November 18, 2011. Lhasa is a subject matter that has been both a source of inspiration and a matter of deep concern for Woeser, as this … Continue reading

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