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Closing this Blog and maintaining our Facebook site.

In order to streamline the process and connect readers more directly to the source blogs, Tibetan Blog Station will no longer maintain this WordPress blog and will only add content to our Facebook page. Please join us on Facebook as we explore writings by Tibetans across the world. See you here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tibetan-Blog-Station/373229479372525?ref=hl

Tibet and President Xi Jinping’s Chinese dream – Bhuchung Tsering

TibetReport’s Blog Chinese President Xi Jinping has talked about making arduous efforts to  achieve what he calls the “Chinese dream” (Zhongguo meng) – a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Participating in a CNN discussion on the concept,  Wu Jianmin, a former Chinese ambassador to the United Nations, said, “Reemergence of China is the Chinese … Continue reading

Vagaries of Tibetan democracy

Source: Tibetan Political Review By Kunsang Tanzin, Toronto, Canada There can be precarious external circumstances under which making democracy function true to its ideals become challenging.  We can overcome such challenges from within by improving ourselves.  But it is a matter of serious concern to watch at the vagaries of Tibetan democracy within are being … Continue reading

The Chinese Emperor’s Ubiquitous Fears

Source: Echoes In Exile Although they proclaim, We’re brethren and alike, Part and parcel of the motherland, Yet to this day, no Chinese leader Has ever had the warmth or courage To walk freely, unescorted On sacred Tibetan soil. Delving deeper I realise, there’re fears All over the Chinese empire. Dreaded and deep-seated. Here and … Continue reading

It is now the Chamdowas dominating the Tibetan leadership in Lhasa

Ideas, Advocacy and Dialog On Tibet By Buchung Tsering The appointment of Jampa Phuntsok (Ch: Qiangba Puncog) as a Vice Chair of the National People’s Congress on March 14, 2013, completes an interesting development in the regional representation in the top Tibetan leadership in Lhasa.  This new development could be said to have begun when … Continue reading

“Response to Questions by Tehor Lobsang Choephel and Others” By Naktsang Nulo

Source: High Peaks Pure Earth   Unless one is deaf or blind, we can assume that everyone has seen or heard about the non-violent protests through self-immolation being carried out by many Tibetans in the last few years. Initially monks and nuns have carried out self-immolation protests and later this was followed by laypersons setting … Continue reading

VOA and China’s Latest Narrative on Tibet

Source: Tibetreport’s Blog By Bhuchung K. Tsering I am glad the Voice of America has lost no time in challenging the Chinese Government’s accusation that it is encouraging Tibetans to self-immolate. On February 6, 2013 VOA released a video and written statement in which its Director David Ensor said the allegations were “totally false and … Continue reading

Taking Your Pulse: A Scene in Tibetan Medicine Land

Source: Yuthok Lane I am taking these pills called “gu-yu de-pak” that are supposed to cure my “drangwa.” My problem is, I don’t know what these pills are, I don’t even know when exactly I am supposed to take them, and I don’t really know what this “drangwa” is that the pills are supposed to … Continue reading

Bigger than Rangzen

Source: Drifts & Drafts A little ditty I recorded, inspired and based off of Dead Prez’s “Hip Hop”. Lyrics: uh, uh, chig, nyi, chig, nyi, uh, one, two, one, two, uh uh, uh, chig, nyi, chig, nyi, uh, one, two, one, two, uh Uh, one, two, one, two, uh, chig, nyi, chig, nyi It’s bigger … Continue reading

We Can’t Go This Way

Source: Merapsarpa Journal By Palden Gyal Over the past few months I would go to bed every night praying not to wake up to another horrifying self-immolation in Tibet. My prayers have been going unanswered. Today I woke up to yet another self-immolation by a young monk in my hometown of Aba, Sichuan. The last … Continue reading

A letter to H.H. the Tenth Panchen Lama

Source: Tibet Web Digest By Yumtso Yumtso is a prominent contemporary Tibetan woman blogger from Karze, Kham. Her real name is Yama Choetso, and she graduated from the Central University for Nationalities in Beijing in 2010. Her pen name Yumtso means “turquoise colored lake”. She blogs on Sangdhor net and focuses on current social changes … Continue reading

What is in her name anyway?

Source: Tibetreport’s Blog In Western society, there is the tradition of the wife assuming her husband’s last name upon marriage, but this is seeing a change now.  More women not only keep their own name after marriage, but even make a point about it. For example, in today’s (June 10, 2012) New York Times, the … Continue reading

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