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Will Tibet See Suicide Bombers?

Source: Journey of a Tibetan On Feb 8, 2012, as appealed by the Kashag (Tibetan cabinet), Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), Dharamsala, Tibetans in San Francisco and Bay Area assembled at the Chinese Consulate, San Francisco for solidarity candle light vigil. With a candle, I prayed and walked several San Francisco streets along with hundreds of … Continue reading

My cousin brother who set self on fire too had a dream like you and me

Source: Tibet Telegraph The original article on Tibet Telegraph contains a video of Lobsang Jamyang’s self-immolation By Gyaltsen It was just a month after my cousin brother, Lobsang Jamyang’s self-immolation in Tibet which I overheard a conversation of two students in my school in which one of the students said to the other “Why don’t … Continue reading

“CCTV’s Explanation for the Tibetan Self-Immolations” By Woeser

Source: High Peaks, Pure Earth On May 7, early in the morning, CCTV rather mysteriously broadcast a special documentary about the self-immolations in Tibet, there was a Chinese and an English version. This 41 minute long piece describes the self-immolations from the point of view of China’s official media that serves as the mouthpiece of … Continue reading

Tibet in flames: can we pour some water on?

Source: Tibet Telegraph The tragic wave of self-immolations by Tibetans has claimed forty two lives since 2009, clearly demonstrating that the Tibetans are no longer able to bear the draconian Chinese rule in their homeland. Up in flames Up in flames We have slowly gone We have slowly gone Can we pour some water on? … Continue reading

We Can’t Go This Way

Source: Merapsarpa Journal By Palden Gyal Over the past few months I would go to bed every night praying not to wake up to another horrifying self-immolation in Tibet. My prayers have been going unanswered. Today I woke up to yet another self-immolation by a young monk in my hometown of Aba, Sichuan. The last … Continue reading

Rising From The Ashes

Source: Mountain Phoenix Over Tibet As great the sacrifices and as well intended, no matter from what side I try to look at them, the Tibetan self-immolations don’t feel right. The sight of people burning alive, bystanders who sometimes offer a Khata to the person in flames, compatriots abroad telling me “Tibetans in Tibet are … Continue reading

Can’t Imagine; Can’t Stop Trying

By nycyak on Lhakar Diaries Susan Sontag’s animation, with its stark halting stop-motion images and its repetition of all that we (on the outside) cannot know is jarring and difficult to take. There’s something damning about it. I want to say, “I can imagine; I can imagine something of what’s happening in Tibet, at this very … Continue reading

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