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Greetings From The Animal Realm

Source: Mountain Phoenix over Tibet Om Mani Padme Hum! My neighbour’s cat died yesterday. Mikey was shy, seemingly indifferent and like most indoor-only cats he was fat because all he did was eat,  sleep and hide under the sofa. I’m not too fond of cats but a few times when his owner was out of … Continue reading

The Birth Story (The Gesar of Ling Epic)

Source: Echoes in  The ruler, Senglon married Gyaza; The great hero Gyatsa Shelkar was born; The Ling people had a grand birth ceremony And the Chinese ruler offered three weapons. Here is the account of the birth of Sengchen Norbu Dradul – the ‘Great Lion Gem that Subdues enemies’. In the lineage of the Mukpo Dong … Continue reading

MWA Is The Worst Proposal

Source: The Tibetan Political Review By Chewang Ngokhang (Southern California). Yes, MWA or the Middle Way Approach is the worst form of proposal on the table except for the rest. Some of you will be able to know where I am coming from. Today, many youth in China are lamenting that Beijing is not doing enough … Continue reading

Longing for the Deities By Sakyil Tseta

Source: Tibet Web Digest By Sakyil Tseta Sakyil Tseta was born in Rebkong, Amdo. He started writing in 1998 and published his first piece in the Rongwo Monastery magazine called “The Golden Bridge.” Since then, he has been published in many literary magazines. In 2002, he published his first book of essays titled “The Soul … Continue reading

The Museum on the Roof of the World: My Take

Source: Lhakar Diaries by dlo08 I really enjoyed reading Clare Harris’s The Museum on the Roof of the World  (2012). On finishing the first half of the book, which went into detailed analysis on the political life of archival documentation, specifically images of Tibet-ans, I immediately found myself wishing I had read this book to … Continue reading

A Song by Khoten: “Your Happiness and My Suffering”

Source: High Peaks Pure Earth Continuing with the High Peaks Pure Earth weekly music video series, today’s translation of “Your Happiness and My Suffering” by Khoten was kindly submitted by Tenzin Dickyi and Dhondup Tashi Rekjong. The music video of this live performance first started appearing online around February 2011. Khoten, whose real name is Tenpa, … Continue reading

Vagaries of Tibetan democracy

Source: Tibetan Political Review By Kunsang Tanzin, Toronto, Canada There can be precarious external circumstances under which making democracy function true to its ideals become challenging.  We can overcome such challenges from within by improving ourselves.  But it is a matter of serious concern to watch at the vagaries of Tibetan democracy within are being … Continue reading

The Chinese Emperor’s Ubiquitous Fears

Source: Echoes In Exile Although they proclaim, We’re brethren and alike, Part and parcel of the motherland, Yet to this day, no Chinese leader Has ever had the warmth or courage To walk freely, unescorted On sacred Tibetan soil. Delving deeper I realise, there’re fears All over the Chinese empire. Dreaded and deep-seated. Here and … Continue reading

It is now the Chamdowas dominating the Tibetan leadership in Lhasa

Ideas, Advocacy and Dialog On Tibet By Buchung Tsering The appointment of Jampa Phuntsok (Ch: Qiangba Puncog) as a Vice Chair of the National People’s Congress on March 14, 2013, completes an interesting development in the regional representation in the top Tibetan leadership in Lhasa.  This new development could be said to have begun when … Continue reading

“Response to Questions by Tehor Lobsang Choephel and Others” By Naktsang Nulo

Source: High Peaks Pure Earth   Unless one is deaf or blind, we can assume that everyone has seen or heard about the non-violent protests through self-immolation being carried out by many Tibetans in the last few years. Initially monks and nuns have carried out self-immolation protests and later this was followed by laypersons setting … Continue reading

VOA and China’s Latest Narrative on Tibet

Source: Tibetreport’s Blog By Bhuchung K. Tsering I am glad the Voice of America has lost no time in challenging the Chinese Government’s accusation that it is encouraging Tibetans to self-immolate. On February 6, 2013 VOA released a video and written statement in which its Director David Ensor said the allegations were “totally false and … Continue reading


Source: Lhakar Diaries This past week, I saw the film ‘Death by China’. This film is based on the book written by Peter Navarro and Greg Autry. I didn’t know what to expect going into this film, I hadn’t heard anything about the film, but my doubts about this film were instantly soothed when I … Continue reading

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