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Inner peace

Source: Dola

Never commit any evil deeds, accumulate wealth of merits,
completely tame one’s own mind. This is my teaching.

Lord Buddha

This evening at Tsuk Lag Khang, I was gazing in sheer admiration at Lord Buddha’s glittering statue. Sitting there in a lotus position, with a rosary in my hand, I tried to channel the conflicting thoughts in my mind. Everything seemed so fuzzy in the beginning, but gradually, it fell into place. Each thought had its own trail – some were irrelevant, and some, ignorant.

It will take a lifetime or more to completely eradicate all these afflicting emotions that deter our peace of mind. But I think we can be observant, be completely aware of what actually is going inside our head, and analyse each afflicting thought. I definitely think it works. When you are feeling low or frustrated, try to dig the bottom of the problem, know the in-depth reason behind it. And then, analyse, see how you could rectify it, how you could change it so that you are no longer bearing its negative effect.

In this day and age, where consumerism has infiltrated our minds, we are fed with millions of things that promises to give us a pleasant experience. We are fed with thoughts that if we buy this or that, it will give us this and that kind of benefit. Everything out there is supposedly promising to make our life better. But are we really happy in its company? Maybe we are, for a short while. Inner peace is really not a distant affair. It seems complex but it is the most simple and natural thing to us humans. It is not only gained through meditation, prayers, or from reading books, it is also possible by just being aware. Because when you are aware, you are in control, and when you’re in control, you can face the issue more effectively. I struggle to do so. Because I’m genetically hasty. I try, try and try to be mindful. So far, it has been good.

Inner peace is not just a spiritual thing. It’s natural. We all want to have peace and harmony around us. We just look outside for happiness, when in fact, we need to look inside.

Source: Dola


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