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An Old Flame Never Dies

Source: Mountain Phoenix Over Tibet

I should have declined. But he was a friend and so I agreed to take three watches and deliver them to his brother. “It’s just watches, easy to pack, no weight”, so I thought to myself. When he actually handed the watches over though, they came in expensive-looking, bulky boxes and it was too late to retract.
rolex-submariner-03Maybe it’s best to get into the habit of leaving for Tibet quietly without telling anyone because there´s always this risk to become inundated with letters, gifts and cash, people want you to hand carry on their behalf. It’s one of these peculiar Tibetan traits: Even in the age of superfast postal services, e-banking and Western Union, some still prefer sending stuff the archaic way via people. And for all snying-rje or compassion that we consider a national trait, it doesn’t seem to cross our minds that asking someone with limited time to carry and deliver goods could perhaps be burdensome.
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