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Tibetan Studies

Source: Angry Tibetan Girl

Submitted by Angry Angry Angry:

I’m so f’in annoyed right now. Lately I’ve been meeting and finding out a lot about the Tibet studies scene. So the buzz in that scenes for academics, it seems, happens to be authentic Tibetans who (get this) live in Tibet! that makes sense right? But here’s what I find so f’d up about this. It’s fine if your work is based in Tibet but you don’t need to walk around and give off the air (sometimes also verbalize) that Exile Tibetans are irrelevant because they’re not “authentic” enough. That to do work with “real Tibetans” it’s inside. You can keep that shit to yourself.

Real Tibetans live both inside and outside Tibet!

Excuse me for China invading my homeland and as a result I was born outside of your research interest.

Right on! Fuck that paternalistic shit! Do they really believe that the exile and those inside live on separate isolated islands with no connection or effect what so ever on each other?

Can I trail off and add that the word “Tibetologists” sounds like a weird name for creeps who are the equivalent of pedophiles that are into Tibetans and Tibet, instead of infants?

Well…it does to me.


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