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Defeated, But Never Cried by XVII Karmapa

Friday 28 December 2007, by The XVII Karmapa
Source: Tibetwrites 


Moon-like flowers,

in the majestic medicinal land of snow,

bubbles of joy now mounting up.

Amidst the melancholic flute of a drizzle,

in the arched drum of the rainbow

blow the winds of truth

chasing the clouds to the far north


Now then,

Flowers of our prayers in thousands bloom.

The pain of our suffering slowly wanes

as the south wind of solidarity blows.

In the clear blue sky

once again, 
flipping, flopping

white clouds of joy start to dance.

Hey, neither being rich,

nor being a beggar,

sparkling spectacle Potala,

in the illuminated small window

dazzles your face like a blossom.

Oh… the grand mellowed sun,

now in serene golden rays.

The heart that bled inside

was all for truth to prevail.

Defeated, but never cried.


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