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Ain’t Nothing But A Bubble

You know how they say women are better at multi¬tasking. I only know it is not my preferred mode. I like to do one thing at a time. But daily life can sometimes become so busy, you end up multitasking without realizing it – like the other day, when I rushed back from work for an appointment I had in an hour. But before I could go, the kids had to eat dinner.

I was certain I could finish the dinner in time: The pasta was cooking and the sauce – prepared ahead the other night – simmering, ready to be served. Everything was moving quite smoothly and I called the kids to set the table.

But just when we were about to eat, my partner pinged me from Tibet. Time was ticking and we hadn´t talked for few days so I had to let the kids skype with their dad.

Then, the phone also began ringing. I tried to ignore it but it kept ringing incessantly – halleluja! Welcome to Samsara! My stress was perfect. Nerve-wracked I gave in.

The Lord of Death strikes when you’re least prepared: One of my mom’s friends had passed away; she had terminal cancer.

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